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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Soupe aux gourganes

Last Sunday we went to the market and I bought about 1.5kg of gourganes (or fava ). Anyway the big green bean. The one Thomas Keller makes such a fuss about. In the French Laundry Cookbook he says: “Shell the fava beans and peel the skins from the beans (peeling them before cooking prevents gases from being trapped under the skin that could cause discoloring. Remove the small germ at the side of each bean.”
It is very difficult to remove the skin from the beans when they are raw to say nothing of removing the germ. I usually do this though but for a soup… I don’t think so.
So once shelled, I blanched the beans with the skin on and then removed it.
I reserved the beans.
I made a sofrito with onions, celery, leeks, tomatoes and some prosciutto in small cubes.

When ready I deglazed with water then added about a liter. I let the soup simmer for a short while then added the beans. I let the soup simmer some more, maybe 20mins. Then I took off about 2 cup of soup and made a purée with the hand mixer and put it back with the soup.

That’s it. We had a nice salad, good bread and cheese.


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