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Sunday, May 15, 2005


I bought some fiddle heads today, to eat with the Lapin au Pruneaux. Nowadays, it may be the only things left at the supermarket that really announces the arrival of Spring. I dread the day when we get fiddleheads all year long. I can’t really stop buying everything that is of seasons but it hit me hard a few years ago when I found asparagus in the middle of winter at the same price that I would pay in summer for local asparagus.

I can only imagine how little pay the poor Peruvian field hand gets so that I can eat asparagus at Christmas. So I simply refuse to eat asparagus until they’re in seasons. It is little, I know but I talk about it around me and in a small way it gets people thinking about globalization.

Another thing I won’t buy out of season is strawberries. And not because they are picked by poor illegal Mexican field workers but because they are simply tasteless. They have been bred to be red before being ripe and to look sweet and juicy (they are neither) and travel well. That they do. I have been raised on Ile d’Orleans strawberry, the island in front of Quebec City. I have even picked at 25 cents a basket them when I was 12 years old. I made $2 and lasted but a day. But they were so good. And still are if you have the patience to wait ‘til the middle of summer.


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