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Monday, April 04, 2005

Shrimp Risotto

Tonight I have made a shrimp risotto. First time I do it with shrimp. I bought big 31/34 shrimp and cooked them a minute or so in salted water. I shelled them and made a stock from their legs, skin and a bouquet garnis.

I did not use saffron although sorely tempted. While I love its aroma and color, it can be overpowering. I wanted to see what flavor I could extract from the shrimp.

I proceeded like the classical risotto as coming down to us from Marcella Hazan in the “Essential of Classic Italian Cooking”. The only variation ,that I learned from another cook, is to really whip the butter in at the end; it emulsifies with the rice and gives it a very nice and smooth texture.

Just before adding the wine at the beginning, after I put the rice with the onion, I added some lemon zest.

I put the whole shrimps, right after the butter and let them warm through and served the risotto “all onda”, in the Venetian style.

The only problem was that the shrimp stock was not as tasty as it could have been if I had used shrimps with their heads.

I’ll know better next time.


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