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Saturday, April 09, 2005


Two week ago I made sarma in Serbo-Croatian (or dolmades, if you are Greek) or stuffed vine leaves. I still had 2 rolls of leaves in brine left over. Tonight I decided to make “sauce feuille” but to replace the manioc leaves that are used in West Africa by what’s left of the vine leaves.

I took a piece of about 750gr of beef cut up in cubes, one onion, 2 tomatoes and some shrimp powder. I caramelized the meat, then the onion and tomatoes, added laurel, pepper, a dry red pepper and some water. When everything was bubbling, I added the minced vine leaves. It has been cooking gently for about an hour now, the meat is tender and it taste good.

I’ll be serving that on white rice.


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