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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Penne with Rapini

I have been a bit slow to update this blog in the last week but between works, the baby coming soon, my mother-in-law arrival it has been a bit hectic.
Today a simple dish of penne with blanched rapini and prosciutto.
I have to make some garlic oil on the side because my wife can’t digest garlic since she got pregnant. We both find it very sad and she can't wait to be able to eat garlic again but in the mean time I'm suffering from garlic withdrawal.

So after I blanched the rapini, shook them in iced water then dried them a bit and sautéed them with salt, prosciutto some fresh basil and a lot of olive oil.

I then cooked the pasta and when ready mixed the penne with the rapini.

Mother-in-law loved it!


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