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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Blue Potatoes

I saw those the other day on a French (from France) show on TV5. I just took it as the chef was showing how he was mashing the blue potatoes with a fork to keep the texture and seasoned them with toasted hazelnuts and hazelnut oil. He served them with thick slices of duck magret cooked rare. I though this looked good.

Blue potatoes! I have no idea where they come from but probably from Bolivia or Peru. Over there, they have something like 50 varieties of potatoes. It is very sad to see how with the industrialization of agriculture we are loosing so many different varieties of vegetable. Already in our average urban supermarket in North America, we find only about 3 or 4 kind of tomatoes, 1 of corn, 2 of carrots (the one in bag and the ones that come in a bunch), 6 kind of potatoes etc…. But I disgress

I just knew where blue potatoes in Montréal and so last Sunday I biked to the Marché Jean-Talon , our fresh produce market to buy about half a pound.
That was my first long bike ride since last summer, 90 minutes to go mostly uphill and with a head wind almost all the way. It was worth it but I paid for it on Monday.
They are very small and not really blue but more a nice deep violet. So tonight, I peeled them and boiled them in salted water, toasted some hazelnut and mashed them with a fork with olive oil as I did not have any hazelnut oil. I served them with grilled pork chops and some green beans. It was surprisingly good. They have a nice nutty flavor and they don’t loose their color and so make for beautiful plate.


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