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Friday, April 15, 2005

@#@#%%#& blender

Most of my day yesterday was spent working on my mise en place. I got a bit short because of the blender. I paid good money for Hamilton Beach blender that’s supposed to be good. It was exercise in frustration to make the chive oil, and both the mango and beet coulis. I think the blades are ill conceived and the slow setting is too fast.

To blend anything, it needs so such liquid that you end up with colored water instead of a nice thick consistency. Even a cup of blanched chives in a cup of oil was very difficult to blend.
So if anybody knows a blender or a robot that can work with small quantities, please let me know.
Apart from that, so far so good.

I made the panna cotta before watching CSI last night and this morning I added the mango coulis. I had to scoop out a little round shaped hole to put the mango so of course I tasted it. Can you believe it was the first time I tasted panna cotta?

Now I have 6 bowls of what looks like eggs sunny side up.

More later…


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