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Monday, April 04, 2005

Big dinner coming

We will be having friends for dinner in 2 weeks. My ex E and her new beau D. New is a relative term, they have been together for the last 5 years.

Although we have never lost touch and I have seen E from time to time, I met D for the first time last week.

In any case, I started planning the menu and I’ll talk about it here in the next few days. I’m thinking 8 services.

  1. Canapé
  2. Appetizers
  3. Soup/Potage
  4. 1st Entrée (Fish)
  5. Salade
  6. 2nd Entrée (Game/Meat)
  7. Cheese course
  8. Dessert

First comes the canapés:

1st The Capellini alle vongole:

I choose large clams. One per guest. I cook them with a bit of white wine and I prepare a reduction of wine, the clam’s cooking juice and orange juice. To assemble I put a little nest of angel hair pasta, half a spoonful of reduction “monté au beurre”, the cooked clam, parmesan shaving and a single caper.

2nd Mini eggs benedict.

This I never made but I think it could be great. Serve a single poached quail egg on a small blini and top it with hollandaise. Serve in spoon “à la Keller”.

A lot of preparation for 2 mouthfuls per guest but it may be worth it.


At 8:04 PM, Blogger Suebob said...

Wow! Sounds like an ambitious but wonderful meal!

We have the same blogger format. I messed with mine and gave the edges a black background.



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