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Saturday, March 26, 2005

The "Souris d'agneau"

The “souris”, literally lamb’s mouse is the lamb’s shank. Probably because it look like a mouse.

I braised them with caramelized onion, salsifi, celery and tomatoes plus a whole Iranian preserved lemon. I went out biking for an hour and when I came back the whole house smelled so good I wanted to eat right away.

I removed them from the liquid now, they under aluminum foil. I passed the liquid through the chinois about 8 times, put it on ice to de-greased it and now it gently reducing on low heat. It has a nice tan color, a bit too acid maybe. To thicken or not to thicken?


I’ll serve the lamb with sauté shitake and lentil Du Puy simply cooked with tarragon an onion.

We will be thre tonight. My wife S our friend C from Brazil and me.

I’ll continue referering to people I meet through their initial. I like that.




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