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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Last night dinner

The fish was excellent. It does hardly qualify as a Lent meal. The combination of cod, potatoes fried in olive oil, spinach and ewe cheese was luscious.

I served 2 bottles sauvignon blanc, one Stoneleigh from Marlborough NZ. It was great, fruity and chewy. The other the Boekenhoutskloof (I know, I know), Porcupine Ridge, RSA was so so.
Everybody was filled.Tonight, it’ll be “Souris d’agneau with preserved lemon”. I plan on making a nice sauce.

The secret to braising meat is the braising liquid. I usually don’t use wine or stock. I start by caramelizing onion, celery, carrot and tomatoes very well. It takes the time it takes. 20 minute maybe but when you add water, all the flavor has been rendered water-soluble and then you end up with a great sauce at the end.

More later


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