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Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Friday Dinner

So, we will be having friends tonight. Got up 6:30 AM to start on a few things so I don’t have to rush later in the day.

First: Pot de crème for dessert. I infused the milk and cream with all-spices, cinnamon leave (That I picked on a cinnamon tree in the backyard of a friend in Brazil), star anis, and pink pepper.

I mixed the egg yolk with the syrup from orange peel comfit that I made for the duck comfit that we had earlier this week when my friend E came over for dinner.

Then I melted some 80% chocolate with some “piment d’Espelette” which is a dry red pepper from the French Basque country. Midway between paprika and cayenne.

I used the chocolate to do a trellis design on top of the cream.

Then I made, “sarma” which is the Serbian name for stuffed vine leaves. I stuffed them with rice, onion and raisin. This is something I had not made in ages but the gesture came back easily. My father showed me how to do it when I was ten year old.

They are cooking now. When they are ready, I’ll drain them, drizzle some olive oil and put them in the fridge

Later I’ll write about the “bacalao monacal”. A Lent dish from Spain.



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